Susanna Nicholson

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Susanna Nicholson, MPhil,  is a health coach and yoga and meditation teacher. She teaches classes at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York and, for over ten years, has provided lifestyle coaching and practices for patients in cancer and cardiac rehabilitation. She received her MPhil from Oxford. Additionally, Nicholson received her mindfulness teacher training from the Meditation Teacher Training Institute and has been authorized to teach yoga meditation by the Krishnamachary-Desikachar tradition. She is certified as a Duke University integrative health coach, has certifications for cardiac and cancer diagnosis, and completed a 500 RYT teacher training. Nicholson is presently enrolled in the Contemplative Psychology Program at Nalanda Institute and has written on contemplative practices for various publications. Her current research focuses on adapting pre-modern South Asian contemplative practices for a diverse, contemporary society.

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