by Geri Loizzo

On the evening of the Solstice, as we approached the closing of 2023, the Nalanda community gathered to support our Year-End Drive and its theme, Awakening Our Shared Humanity. We are profoundly grateful to all of the participants and supporters at every level — the bodhisattvas, yogis, knowledge holders, daikinis, and world protectors! 

Held in the beauty of the Tibet House temple art of Achi, amongst the sweet sounds of Bansuri flute by Sunder Das, and nourishing food and flowers — our panelists shared their rich experiences and vision on How Nalanda Institute Nurtures a More Humane Future. 

Take a look and listen in to the vibrant panel discussion with author, contemplative healer, and yoga therapist Dr. James Bae, Nalanda Institute’s Director of Equity and Contemplative Psychotherapy Program Director, Rahshaana Green, and contemplative psychotherapist Dr. Michael Sosa. This insightful and vibrant panel discussion was moderated by Nalanda Institute’s founder and academic director, Dr. Joe Loizzo.

We hope that this offering will support you in making this wood dragon year, 2024, a year of wise compassion and shared humanity.