A Teaching from Lama Rod Owens — Compassion and Spaciousness: Antidotes to Contraction and Violence

by Nalanda Institute with an excerpt from Lama Rod Owens

A Teaching from Lama Rod Owens

The new edition of Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy: Accelerating Personal and Social Transformation offers mental health professionals of all disciplines and orientations the most comprehensive and rigorous introduction to the art of integrating contemplative psychology, ethics and practices, including mindfulness, compassion and embodiment techniques. New chapters within this edition discuss how contemplative work can affect psychosocial change at the personal, interpersonal, and collective levels to address racial, gender and other forms of systemic oppression. As a glimpse into how contemplative work can support these individual and collective transformations, below is an excerpt from one of the chapters from this new edition, written by guest contributor, Lama Rod Owens.