Summertime is Here

by Geri Loizzo


‘Cause it’s summer   /   Summertime is here   /   Yes it’s summer
My time of year   /   Yes it’s summer   /   My time of year

“Summer” by War

As I step into the warmer months and longer days here in the northern hemisphere, a song frequently heard on the radio waves, back in the 1970’s comes to mind, Summer by the funk rock fusion band War. It’s a song with a groove that evokes pleasure — riding around with the car window down, hearing your favorite songs, stretching out on a blanket in the sand, seeing children play in the street with the fire hydrant open, and feeling the balmy breeze on your face. The somatic experiences of summer can be so expansive and at the same time, grounded in warmth.


by Joe Loizzo

summer reading list

As our lives return to a new and somewhat tentative post-pandemic normal, once again we find our days filled with doing. It’s vital therefore, that we greet the summer months as a precious opportunity for just being. Whether you need to recharge and refresh, or just stop and reflect, let’s make the most of this natural pause to realign our nervous systems with the energy and chemistry of thriving and well-being.