by Joe Loizzo

summer reading list

As our lives return to a new and somewhat tentative post-pandemic normal, once again we find our days filled with doing. It’s vital therefore, that we greet the summer months as a precious opportunity for just being. Whether you need to recharge and refresh, or just stop and reflect, let’s make the most of this natural pause to realign our nervous systems with the energy and chemistry of thriving and well-being.

For most of us, the warmth of summer invites us to slow down by re-attuning our bodies to the organic rhythms of nature. For some this may mean seeking the lush shade and greens of mountains and forests. For others, it may mean taking refuge from the earth’s rising heat in the cooling waters of oceans, rivers, lakes or ponds. For still others, attunement may mean spending time gathering in backyards, city parks, neighborhood gardens, on piers or docks. But for all of us, hopefully, re-attuning with the outer rhythms of nature will also open up the magical space and time to curl up somewhere, somehow with a book that transports our hearts and minds to one of the heavenly realms of sharing the reflections of other minds.

Nalanda Institute’s Summer Reading List

As you take a summer pause, is there a book you’ve been wanting to settle into? Find out what some members of our community are reading this summer by viewing. We invite you to read along with your friends at Nalanda Institute!

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