by Nalanda Institute

Nalanda Institute’s Certificate Program in Embodied Wisdom brings together the embodied transformational psychology of the Tibetan Tantras with current neuropsychology, psychotherapy, and psychosocial change to bring a holistic approach to healing trauma and fostering personal and communal well-being. Curious to learn more? 

Check out this short video, where Chantelle Brown, MSW, LMSW, and Co-Director of our Certificate Program in Embodied Wisdom, shares her perspective on what this program offers participants and how it impacts our individual and collective awakening. Chantelle discusses how the program offers a pathway to navigate this time of immense global change, while also inviting us to discover “who we are” within our current modern-day context. Chantelle explores how our lineages (including experiences of colonization, immigration, and migration) affect our identities and how we must make loving contact with our unique lived experiences and narratives before we can move toward true liberation.

The Certificate Program in Embodied Wisdom offers a space to come into conversation with our personal stories and identities framed within the social and cultural contexts that affect us individually and collectively. 

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