by Nalanda Institute

Sharon Salzberg video

On February 18, 2022 Nalanda Institute was honored to host an online Community Gathering with one of our favorite faculty, Sharon Salzberg, in dialogue with Nalanda Institute’s founder and academic director, Dr. Joe Loizzo.

It was a remarkable evening filled with mindfulness and loving-kindness meditations guided by Sharon Salzberg. Sharon also shared recollections and lessons from her life-long practice and teachings of loving-kindness.

(Video and audio documentation in English, Spanish and Portuguese may be found below)

We know that mindfulness, insight meditation and loving-kindness are powerful ways to connect deeply with people of all kinds and to positively impact the world. Sharon Salzberg reminds us that our higher aspiration and efforts to be a force for good must also be grounded in a simple, practical way of being with the constantly shifting, moment-to-moment ups and downs of our own minds, hearts, bodies, and everyday lives.

Thank you to all of our Nalanda Institute community who joined together in open dialog to awaken the spirit of loving-kindness in our own hearts and minds. Together, we support one another in bringing equanimity and care to the moments that make up our day-to-day lives.

The gathering was simultaneously translated into Spanish and Portuguese (see audio channels below).

Please enjoy this encore presentation.

Spanish audio:

Traducción al español en audio por Claudia Gutiérrez


Portuguese audio:

Tradução de áudio para o português por Gabriela Bessa

Editor’s note: Sharon Salzberg teaches regularly in our Contemplative Psychotherapy Program.