by Nalanda Institute

CBRT Teacher Training is an exciting opportunity to learn how to teach Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT), an evidence-based program developed and field-tested over 20 years to support stress reduction, resilience and self-healing. If you’re curious to learn more about the training, check out this video—a recording from our Open House, where core faculty discussed the program and answered potential student’s questions.

CBRT has a unique, multifaceted approach that brings together mindfulness, compassion, contemplative healing, and embodied practices all into one program. Meditation and mindfulness are known to counteract emotional stress reactivity and worst-case thinking, while also supporting the development of positive emotions and an unbiased open mind. Research has also shown cross-training mindfulness with compassion practices actually increases its efficacy.

Furthermore, the CBRT approach is distinctive from other programs through its integration of embodied practices into its curriculum—which catalyzes the path to self-healing through its effect on the nervous system, including shifting the nervous system into bonding and play mode, calming the vagus nerve, supporting the brain’s higher social capacities, speeding the natural development of compassion, sending cues of safe connection from body to brain, and rewiring our stress-reactive autonomic system into a network of unshakable, blissful connectedness and well-being.

The CBRT Teacher Training cohorts are international and diverse, with participants coming from all over the globe and from a multitude of disciplines (including mental health, coaching, yoga, medicine, humanitarian aid, and community health). This dynamic and diverse community provides a supportive, motivating, and validating environment for connection and learning.  

If you’re interested in learning how to integrate contemplative practice into your life and work and how to deliver Compassion-Based Resilience Training to groups both large and small, whether in healthcare, education, business, or community service settings—this program is for you! Join Nalanda Institute founder and creator of CBRT, Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD, meditation teacher and Contemplative Therapist Moustafa Abdelrahman, MBA, RP, and Nalanda Institute’s Director of CBRT, Fiona Brandon, MPS, MA, MFT,  on this transformative journey starting soon! 

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