By Nalanda Institute Editors

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As the year comes to a close, we’d like to take the time to share with you some highlights of all we’ve accomplished together throughout the year!

Late Winter. We brought in 2019 with a trifecta of inspiring courses and trainings: Yoga, Mind & Spirit Training, Sustainable Happiness Course in Compassion, and Meditation Teacher Training in Compassion.

Spring. In the spring, alongside our Toronto partner X-Hale, we successfully launched our new online Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT) Teacher’s Program, with outreach worldwide; and graduated the NYC and San Francisco cohorts of our Contemplative Psychotherapy Program.

Summer. In June, we celebrated our 10th Annual Benefit with distinguished guest Dr. Emma Seppälä, and introduced the new Strategic Plan for 2019–2024 developed by our Executive Committee and the entire Board of Directors. The new plan calls for a Nalanda Institute Fellows Program, a dynamic new Executive Director and a Contemplative Training Center of our own — where we can practice together to grow the contemplative leaders our world urgently needs. In addition, we met for our faculty retreat, as well as to explore inclusivity and cultural competence.

Fall. Moving into Fall, we started new cohorts of our Contemplative Psychotherapy Program in four locations: NYC, San Francisco, Toronto, and Spain. We also launched our Fall Meditation Teacher Training in Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness. We continued along the gradual path with a Sustainable Happiness Course in Role-Modeling Imagery; and offered a Wednesday Morning Meditation Class in the Foundations of Mindfulness, as well as classes at the New York Public Library, the Calhoun School and an Upper West Side Women’s Shelter. Finally, this Fall, our People of Color and White Affinity Groups started in full swing, and an LGBTQ group is now in its planning stages.

Throughout the Year. We’ve offered daily Lunchtime Meditations at Tibet House with our dedicated teachers, and the Inclusion Committee met monthly to support our goal of becoming a truly welcoming environment.

Congratulations to all of our graduates and deep bows to all our committed students and inspiring teachers.

Looking forward

In addition to continuing to offer our regular programs, here are some highlights for the year ahead…

  • Continue to grow our equity and inclusion initiatives
  • Launch our new online Boundless Leadership Program
  • Work with a University in Dubai to develop a Master of Public Health Degree based on CBRT
  • Plan and start a clinical trial on CBRT for Arthritis with a team of researchers at Rockefeller University lead by our Fellow Ann Campbell
  • Offer international CBRT trainings for humanitarian aid workers in person and online, led by our Fellow Maria Thorin
  • Bring meditation skills to the Indigenous inhabitants and Staff of El Triunfo Rainforest Reserve in Mexico, led by our Fellow Yuria Celidwen
  • Bring meditation skills to the parents and caregivers of special needs children, led by our Fellow Priscilla Gilman
  • Complete an online learning platform for our Sustainable Happiness Program
  • Continue to implement our new Strategic Plan by expanding our Fellows Program, recruiting a dynamic new leadership team, and raising seed funds for our Contemplative Training Center.

So as we move into the new year of the Iron Mouse, we want to take this opportunity to express our deep and abiding gratitude for all your efforts and abundant generosity in co-creating our Nalanda Institute community—through giving your time, sharing your enthusiastic effort, and offering your encouragement and support.

Turn the Fire to Light

As this year ends, and a crucial one dawns, we invite you to join us in matching the generosity of our anonymous donor by offering any amount you can. Every contribution to our community goes a long way to ensure its vibrancy, sustainability, and growth in a true spirit of co-creation.

Find out more about our year-end fundraising drive here. Or simply donate today! From now until the end of the year, your gift to Nalanda Institute will be matched by an anonymous and altruistic donor. Thank you!